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System and data recovery

I/ Introduction:

All problems related to storage devices (HDD, NAS, SAN) can bring many consequences to your company. Data recovery after disaster gives your corporation many benefits.

even when your data is fully backuped, an unexpected error occurred to storage device needs recommendation from  IT Specialist in order to recover your data (or a whole system), reduce downtime and data loss.


For instance, in some day you restart your file server, however it can’t be started and this server contains a lot of important data, even your server is fully backup, it still takes lots of effort to bring your server to normal operations.

Our data recovery services offers :

-       Recover data from computers, servers  affected by virus attack, bad sector disk, lost logic partition.

-       Recover server (Windows, Linux, Unix), NAS, SAN.

-       Give advices about prevention, backup strategics.

-       Recover data from tape, optical disc.

II) Details :

1)     Recover data from wrong cloning images, unexpected delete, virus, partition lost, bad sector.

Wrong recover from backup images

Virus or deleted partition table on different OS like Windows, Linux.

2)     Recover data on server : Software/Hardware RAID

-       Lost RAID configuration, damaged RAID card, ARRAY disk problem.

-       Support many brands like DELL, IBM, HP.

3)     Recover data from NAS, SAN storage devices.

-       Controller errors, chassis error.

-       Lost configuration of SAN Storage.


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