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System maintenance

I. Introduction:

Since the 21st century is a period of explosive development in information technology, installing and deploying an IT system to meet the day-to-day business needs has become almost indispensable as a spring-board for a business to grow, even during its infancy.


One issue that every business must consider in ensuring the implementation of a stable and efficient IT system lies in 3 factors: human resources, technology, and investment costs. This issue has far-fetching implications for businesses in terms of costs and applicability.

With over 15 years of experience and reputation, SmallNET will provide businesses with solutions to the above tricky issues. As a professional service provider, we specialize in providing network administration and maintenance service.

- Human resources: SmallNET’s technical experts in network administration are a contingent of well trained technicians, who experience frequent technical training to ensure that they possess necessary skills and expertise that meet the standards of internationally recognized certification programs.

- Technology: We use advanced technologies in network administration to ensure optimal performance and producitivity.

- Investment costs: Our customers will receive a discount on the investment costs in network equipment and administration, including human resources for network administration, and thus will enjoy long-term benefits in terms of improved productivity in their businesses.

In line with the motto “All for the quality of every service and every product”, our contingent of leaders, technicians, and customer care support staff always consider customer satisfaction the most important by providing our highest-quality services.

Our services in network maintenance include the following:

- Providing periodical maintenance for network inspection and optimization, so that solutions and protective measures are recommended to cope with possible problems.

- Providing technical support and advice, and services relating to software updates, system optimization, and network profiling and implementation.

- Providing quick solutions to problems that may arise in networks, servers, workstations, network devices, external devices, and software applications.

- Lending equivalent equipment and devices as temporary replacements for customers’ broken equipment in order to prevent any possible disruptions to their work flows.

- Providing periodical checks on devices and equipment to ensure that they work properly over the longest possible time.

II. System installation and administration process/flowchart:


III. Expected outcomes


For further details of system administration and installation,

1. Checks and advice:

  • Full system inspection: Internet connectivity, servers, workstations, and applications. Understanding customers’ current and future needs.
  • Reports on the system: Reports on the current issues and situations, and possible solutions.
  • Recommending best solutions to the business

2. System upgrades based on the agreed-upon solutions.

The system will be upgraded or improved based on a combination of our recommended solutions and the business’s needs.

A. Network infrastructure: Hardware equipment (switch/hub, modem, printer, etc.), network cabling, rack cabinets, network plans, patch panels, etc.

B. System:

  • Selecting an operating system for the network and an appropriate model for deployment that suits the business’s activity.
  • Implementing a server system for businesses that have over 10 PCs.
  • Configuring applications and modes of operation for the server, e.g., proxy, DNS, DHCP, fileserver, mailserver, and specific business software applications.
  • Deploying copy, system security and encryption, data security, antivirus, antispam, etc.
  • Establishing specific plans for protection against virus, spyware, adware, and spam.

C. Workstation:

  • Selecting and installing operating systems, required office applications, and specialized softwares based on the system configurations and actual needs.
  • Adjusting the configurations of an operating system and other applications for the purpose of increasing computer processing speed and minimizing breakdowns and unnecessary problem warnings that hinder users’ work.
  • Creating file image for workstations in order to prevent unfortunate breakdowns
  • Creating profiles for each workstation: hardware configurations, softwares, installation information, event history.

D. System profiling:

Creating system profiles based on technical standards for the customers’ representatives, so that they obtain an overview of the system, and their on-site technicians become familiar with the administration and use of the system, which will facilitate the adjustment, upgrade, and prompt resolution of any technical problem. This will help minimize any disruption to the customers’ work.

3. Maintenance:




  • Check and update for new available patches and hotfixes
  • Anti virus will be configured to update and run automatically
  • Check system
  • Check back-up


  • Quick checking, if necessary

-Software, others:

  • Quick checking, if necessary




  • Check and update  for new available patches and hotfixes
  • Anti virus will be configured to update and run automactically
  • Check back-ups
  • Do recovery test with latest backup
  • Check Event viewer and system log for security and any potential problems


  • Check and update for new patches and hotfixes
  • Check antivirus definition files
  • Run Virus scan
  • Run clean up for junk files, do other maintenance procedure, defrag the harddisk if nessesary
  • Update MS office patches, hotfixes  
  • Clean mice inside if needed

-Software, others

  • Check for availability of spare toner, ink cartridges, etc.
  • Log results and report irregularities to the Client, if necessary.


- Workstations and Servers:

  • Check for availability of new Service Releases for OS and Application SW as listed in First Schedule
  • Install Service Releases, if applicable
  • Perform an UPS test

- Software, others

  • Check cleanliness, etc.
  • Log results and report irregularities to the Client, if necessary.


- Workstations and Servers: Overall cleaning for equipments

  • Open PCs and clean motherboard, fans, etc.
  • Clean inside keyboards/mice

For further information, please contact us at the following address:
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Tel: (04) 62510292 | Fax : (04) 62510646
Hotline0913 524 230 (Mr Duong)
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