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Customized software and website desgin

1/ Website design

A website is not only a vehicle for selling products but also is recognized as a name card or catalogue that introduces your products on the internet. A successful design of a website does not mean that only a few programmers are required to build a website according to some sample design that will bring success to a business strategy on the internet.

Business support optimization


The design of a company’s website is highly important and thus requires non-trivial investment because it inherently contains the company’s leaders’ business ideas, management approaches, and visions. In a large market, successful businesses vary in their approaches, strategies, and tactics, depending on the management capacity, financial resources, true abilities, visions, and approaches to business branding. The need for a customized design of websites arises from the fact that a company wishes to embark on a business strategy that relies on the internet.

Despite a wide variety of business and management requirements, you can order a design of your websites or other website-based applications that best suit your company’s activity. With an experienced team of website designers, we can provide expert advice and recommend best solutions in the design of professional websites with features that best suits every one of your business needs.

Our services in customized website designs are provided by an experienced team of experts in e-business, who have accumulated extensive technical expertise through implementing a wide range of successful e-commerce projects, creating a vehicle for selling products and managing sales via the internet. Based on your business ideas, we can assist you in building an internet-based vehicle for promoting your sales on the internet.

When choosing SmallNET as a designer of your website, you can place complete trust in our team of web designers, programmers, graphic designers, photo and video editors, and SEO experts. We are fully committed to helping you build a strong online image for your business, all at the most reasonable cost levels.

2/ Writing customized business automation softwares 

A solid development of information technology is a springboard on which to improve productivity and efficiency in your businesses. One of the factors behind a business that successfully competes on the market is the efficient use of technologies.

There is a need for automation if your business has repetitive office tasks that are time-consuming if carried out otherwise, or tasks that are part of an established procedure.

We can help you with optimization and automation in your businesses, thereby cutting your time and costs as well as improving your productivity and increasing your business profits.

Staple softwares that we have built:

  • Automatic time sheet software for businesses : A software that automates time sheet filling procedures and produces resultant salary sheets and performance summaries
  • Window-based HIV/AIDS data entry software
  • Multi-level Methadone treatment management software : Central/provincial/district/clinic
  • Software for electronic medical report books for clinics
  • Excel macro applications for automating salary payment sheet mailmerges
  • Remote server automatic management and reporting/notification
  • Mobile phone-based sales service software
  • SmallNET SMS messaging software


  • and numerous other applications

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Service support centre :
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