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System solutions for call centre and software for management call center data

I. Requirements

  1. Count and analyse incoming, outgoing, answered and silent calls.
  2. Connection to a database system to record all call logs, sort by phone numbers and customer types.
  3. Information about incoming calls.
  4. Information about group of people who use main services :

- Management by locations.

- Management by group of people who need help.

- Management by the content of incoming calls.

- management by advising methods.

II. Given solutionsgiai phap call center

- IP Gateway : receives call signals from providers, then sends them to call center.

- Call center server : Asterisk-based built, providing record and call management.

- SQL Server : Windows-based, installing data management software, record call logs, analysis.

System requirements for Call Center server and SQL Server

  1. Computer or Server (see brochures), depends on the usage demands.
  2. Minimum : RAM 2GB, Core i3 processor, HDD SATA III 500GB
  3. RAID for data safety
  4. UPS to prevent power shortage : UPS for each server or UPS for 2 servers.

It is recommended to have 2 PCs to backup data from 2 servers above.

III. Application

-          For assistant services, training centers, schools.

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