Supplying and installing office IT system – FHI 360

Supplying and installing office IT system – FHI 360

By admin - 20/08/2019

Activities in a meaningful social field, FHI 360 is collaborating with many local units to contribute to repelling HIV, infectious diseases, preventing the use of stimulants and controlling tobacco …

SmallNET is proud to be a partner of IT support & system administration service for FHI 360 from 2001 up to now. From the scale of 5 computers from the early days of establishment, the current IT system at the office has grown up to hundreds of computers with server systems and network equipment.


With stable, reliable IT infrastructure and effective IT solutions, FHI 360 activities are always happening quickly. Selection of SmallNET IT services is one of the right choices for FHI 360.

With professional and non-stop learning technicians, SmallNET has met all IT requirements of FHI 360.

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